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November 02, 2011

I've Moved My Blog!


Over to http://manolosmanicuresthismom.blogspot.com Join me there for style tips (mommy, baby's and more), beauty tips, my personal style/life, home style and all the fun projects I am working on...vain? Not really, I'm awesome I swear, we are like BFFs now.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Read the post here.

October 28, 2011

Freelance Friday


Not what you expected right? Me neither. Truth is, there is no Freelance Friday today since I am stuck at home nursing a cold. I've been drinking this stuff like crazy! Hope I get better soon since I have a few phone interviews on Spring 2012 trends next week. Yes...I said Spring and with this cold, I'm already over the cooler weather. Any all natural tips on getting better? I got the image from here with a very yummy tea recipe and yeah, someone said grapes so I am going for it. See ya' next week.

October 27, 2011

What to Wear {on a playdate}

I have been spending a lot of time with my SIL and her two munchkins. She just had a baby girl, Neylan and her son, Okan, is Analiese's age so they play together all the time. Well, when they are not fighting at least. Since we have either A) stayed in to chit chat, devour coffee cakes and read magazines or B) hit the mall for some serious shopping (as in window, LOL), Starbucks and a stroller roll, I thought a super comfy and casual look would be best. These are my mom style tips or rather choices for our playdates...take note, while I'm not usually a sneaker chica, lately that is all that has been calling my name. Why not make it fun?


tank-T by Alexander Wang

sweater-Alexa Chung for Madewell

sneaks- Madewell

jeans- Hollister Super Skinny

bag- Dorothy Perkins

bangels- asos.com

October 26, 2011

Trend of the Week {Chambray Shirts}

I'm obsessed with the look of Chambray shirts...in fact I have a few looks to pair that I put  together for you featuring some of the hottest trends of the season.

The Trend: Women's Old Navy Chambray Shirt

Look 1: A pop (or two) of color. Just because we are coming into gloomier seasons, do not forget how much color this season can actually have. Why not represent that in your wardrobe with this casually cool pairing. Bright pants are a hit at Old Navy and of course who can forget how important scarves are this season.

Look 2: I am not an outdoors girl but man this look almost makes me want to head there. Indoor or outdoor, this look fresh full of layers is a great one. Layer the jacket over chambray shirt and over the plaid and knot the ends at the waist. What a great pop of print, leggings that everyone know I live in and a great way to show how you walk on the wild side!

Look 3: This has to be my favorite of all. It is a bit more daring as we layer stripes over stripes but of course that is all the rage this season as long as you do it well. I's say keep the colors muted as to not go overboard. Add a neutral metallic belt and fun boots and we are talking street chic.



While I love (and have most) of these pieces, there are still so many ways to style such a simple yet chic top. Maybe I'll play around in my closet a bit more  or maybe you can put your own looks together and show me. How do you style your chambray shirt? In the meantime, all of these pieces can be found on oldnavy.com. Happy Shopping!


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear and do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!


October 25, 2011

Pompom Pap

So we went to the pumpkin patch earlier this month or like Analiese loves to say "Pompom Pap". Though I loved the warm weather, it was almost too warm. I needed a breeze, a light jacket and apple cinnamon tea...mmmm. It just didn't feel like fall. Fast forward to now, it's cold & rainy. Where is the Autumn I love so much?

October 24, 2011

Manicure Monday-My Favs

So I am really loving these colors for the Fall season. Some are older but of course, who says you cannot use them now, the nail police? I can actually discuss Fall since it finally feels like it, well, a colder version of it. It went from 80 to rainy in two second flat but here's to hoping. In the meantime,  I'm painting my nails as we speak so if you find typos (which I seem to be infamous for) it is because I refuse to smudge since for ONCE Analiese is not on my lap while I blog. Praise to her "baby bear" who decided to "nap" and she told me she would join him. How cute.

P.S. Link #4 gives you great tips on how to remove glitter polish bc I simply (or not so simply) bit mine off. It was a rough morning of temper tantrums, it happens.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


October 21, 2011

Freelance Friday {Back on the Grind}

So I have been a bad, bad blogger again. This mommy thing needs to come with organization tips. I've spent the last week trying to put together everything for Analiese's 2nd birthday party (it is a DIY party, my mistake) so I haven't had much time for anything else but playdates and work. This is what I wore to work but since of course mostly everything is thrifted or from eBay (except for my $2 skirt from Old Navy circa 5 yrs ago), I found some similar pieces for you all. I know, not all of you "freelance" as a make up artist but you have to agree that there is a special "chicness" about donning all black, no?

sweater: uniqlo.com

skirt: French Connection

shoes: welikefashion.com

tights: woolrich

lipstick: Bobbi Brown (of, course!)


The red lips and LOADS of mascara are really "the look".

Happy Friday!

October 20, 2011

Novelas...More to Love


Here's to the ladies that love their soaps...as in DRAMA. I'm not a big fan of soap operas but truth be told when I flip through Telemundo during the day I ALWAYS get sucked into one. I always get so involved, I fall in love with the guy, hate the evil chick and his plotting mother, feel bad for the peasant girl, yadda, yadda, yadda. They are always so juicy. So much for not being a fan right? I guess I do kinda like love soap operas. Here's a good one "Estilos Robados" (Stolen Styles). It is a six part web novela miniseries that follows Isabella Reyes, one of the hottest 'novela' stars. She is filming her latest project and must prepare to land another gig before fame slips through her fingertips. All the while, we follow all the "behind the scenes" drama that is her "real" life. Best part, I can stop yelling at my computer and actually vote for the outfit I want her to wear in the next episode. Our votes will ultimately influence the finale of the novela.. Oh yeah! Her awesome wardrobe comes straight from...you guessed it...OLD NAVY*. Yup. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/oldnavylatino. Be sure to "like" (I wish there were a love button) on Facebook to chose the wardrobe.

Also check out this little excerpt from AdAge Hispanic:

Old Navy started posting in Spanish on Facebook last year, and has been stepping up its Hispanic effort in traditional media, too. All Old Navy's radio spots are produced in Spanish as well as English, and ten Hispanic-targeted TV spots have been produced this year, Ms. Yeh said. Print ads started in the summer and a September campaign ran only in Hispanic-focused titles. The company also hired a Puerto Rican fashion expert, Yanira Garza, as a spokesperson and distributes a Hispanic version of its circulars in top Latino markets.

Pretty cool huh? I thought so. Best part, all I keep thinking is what would Analiese think when she is old enough to read this (I know, I'm such a mom)?

*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear and do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!




October 14, 2011

Freelance Friday -NEW SEGMENT!


So as promised, here is what I wore to work. Unfortunately, with a little one, I didn't have time to properly photograph my outfit. I did manage to get a few (half decent) shots in the hallway AFTER I got home yesterday.


boots-Steve Madden

tunic dress- Bitten by SJP (super old, I know)

leggings-Old Navy

jewelry- Chanel, J.crew & Brighton


Make up:

foundation- Skin by Bobbi Brown in honey

blush- Sheer Tint by Bobbi Brown in Blackberry

lips- Rose Blossom by Bobbi Brown

eyes- pencil liner in grey by Smashbox, black liquid by Wet & Wild, Lash Glam mascara


And in the infamous words of my almost 2 yr old...TA DA!!!!! Funny thing is that my hair & make up took only 6 minutes this morning and the outfit, well thanks to planning the night before only took me a few seconds to get dressed. I'll have better shots next week...I promise (fingers crossed).


XOXO Enjoy the weekend!


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